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Terms and Conditions


  1. Products will not be exported out of the United States.
  2. Payment will be made on credit sales within 30 days; payments made after 30 days will bear interest at 18% annum.
  3. Conflicting terms and conditions on purchase orders are excepted.
  4. All return materials must have prior approval from Coastal with a copy of the invoice, be adequately within manufacturer’s shelf life and be returned in the original, unopened containers in like−new condition. All return material meeting Coastal’s standard size, container, color, and quantity criteria are subject to a 15% restocking fee ($15 minimum) if returned freight prepaid. All other materials remain subject to prior approval, but with a minimum 25% restocking fee ($100 minimum) if returned freight prepaid. Some items require manufacturer approval and some are ineligible for return. More specific information is available upon request.
  5. Payments shall be made to Coastal’s Jacksonville, Florida office and any litigation associated with credit sales shall be in the Courts of Duval County.
  6. Payments requiring collection via use of attorney and/or court procedures will be increased by the amount of those collection expenses.