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 silicone joint sealants, epoxies, coatings, preformed joints, waterproofing, patching, pavement reinforcing fabric, anti-graffiti, wall drains, backer rod, caulk guns & tools, accessories, safety equipment and more.

Coastal Construction Products Provides Certified Materials for Florida and Georgia DOT Projects

Our Pavement team is ready to assist you in your next Department of Transportation project. Check the links below to confirm approved materials and then consult our products list. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, call us at 855-877-3553 for more information.  

Pavement Products



Florida Department of Transportation Approved Product List (APL)

The Approved Product List identifies the products that have been approved for use by the Florida Department of Transportation for use on State and Federal Highways. The products are listed by the Specification, Structures or Design Index reference that identifies the product usage or material requirements. Where applicable, cross-references are provided so that usage and material requirements are easily identified.

Approved Product List


Georgia Department of Transportation Qualified Products List (QPL)

The Georgia DOT QPL List is organized by catagory & number. Please select from the links below.

By Category

By Number


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