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825ml unit

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MasterWeld 420 - Rubber-based adhesive for foam insulation and wall panels. Formerly: Sonneborn 200 Adhesive



Product Data Sheet


How does MasterWeld 420 work?

MasterWeld 420 is a ready to use, multipurpose, synthetic rubber based adhesive for bonding foam insulation and other wall panels to various structurally sound substrates.

Recommended uses:

  • Interior or exterior applications
  • In seams and joints subject to excessive, dynamic movement


What are the unique features of MasterWeld 420?

  • One component
  • Flexible at a wide temperature range, and is nonfreezing
  • Compatible with foam

What are the benefits of MasterWeld 420?

  • Ready to use formulation improves application efficiency
  • Suitable for low temperature installations applications
  • Will not compromise insulation values

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