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2' x 50' Roll

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W.R. Meadows TOTAL-DRAIN Product Data Sheet


The MEL-DRAIN TOTAL-DRAIN sheet drain system combines any regular MEL-DRAIN sheet drain section with the unique TOTAL-DRAIN section. In the TOTAL-DRAIN system, the regular sheet drain performs its normal function of water collection, while the TOTAL-DRAIN section provides both water collection and a high-profile section for water flow to the designed drainage exits. TOTAL-DRAIN is a two-part, prefabricated geocomposite drain consisting of a formed 24″ high HIPS core covered on one side with a non-woven, needle-punched polypropylene filter fabric. The top section is 12″ of 7/16″ core for water collection. The bottom section is 12″ of 1″ thick for water collection and horizontal water flow to designated exits. The fabric allows water to pass into the drain core while restricting the movement of soil particles, which might clog the core. The core allows the water to flow to designated drainage exits. Full-coverage protection is provided to waterproofing materials.


TOTAL-DRAIN works with any MEL-DRAIN drainage product.

Features & Benefits 

  • The high-profile flow section has a larger open area than does perforated pipe to accept high flows from the sheet drain and from the surrounding soil.
  • The TOTAL-DRAIN section, with its manufactured transition between sheet drain and high-profile section, provides a secure flow path, which is not dependent on field installation.
  • The system is fast and easy to install. Eliminates select backfill required to give perforated pipe strength. Standard connectors and corner guards are available.

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