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Vulkem OC810 Coating is a high-solids, aliphatic urethane membrane designed to be applied in one coat as a waterproofing system. A minimum thickness of 25 mils is required. Vulkem OC810 must be used with Tremco Rubber Aggregate 12-20 mesh.


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Application Instructions


Basic Uses

Vulkem OC810 Coating is ideal for light pedestrian traffic areas such as balconies, roof terraces, and mechanical rooms. It also can be used as a waterproofer for window eyebrow applications. 

Features and Benefits

  • One-coat application reduces installation time and saves on labor.
  • Fast cure through time allows for use the next day.
  • Low odor and low level of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) provides for use in neighbor friendly, inhabited structures.
  • Mildew and fungus resistance safeguards concrete surfaces against environmental contaminants.
  • Excellent durability and UV resistance extends the useful life of pedestrian systems.
  • Recoatable and compatible with other Tremco sealants, which enhances waterproofing protection with full system compatibility.  


  • Vulkem OC810 is available in Gray, Beige, Maple, Slate Gray, and Limestone. Special colors are available upon request.

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