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Paraseal HDPE/Bentonite Sheet Membrane Dual Waterproofing System

Tremco Paraseal Product Data Sheet

Paraseal is a sheet waterproofing membrane consisting of 15 mils of HDPE and expandable, granular bentonite. The composite weight of the material is up to 1.0 lb/sq ft, creating a dual waterproofing system.  The nature of the Paraseal waterproofing system also allows for installation over green or damp surfaces accelerating the construction process. The bentonite can expand up to 8 times its original thickness to stop water that may make it past the HDPE layer, providing a second layer of protection.


Basic Uses

  • Designed for use on backfilled walls.

  • Can be used on damp or green concrete.

  • Can be used in conjunction with TREMDrain® Series Drainage Mats.

  • Alternative versions of Paraseal are available for lagging, split slab, under slab and methane barrier conditions.

Tremco Paraseal

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