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Prime-A-Pell H2O is a clear, filmless, penetrating water-based water repellent for virtually all above-grade, vertical concrete, stucco, precast, brick, sandstone and block masonry. 

Product Data Sheet

GENERIC DESCRIPTION: Siloxane/Silane Blend

COMMON USAGE: Concrete, stone and masonry treated with diluted Prime-APell H2O resist water intrusion, stain damage, freeze/thaw spalling, efflorescence and rust damage. The treatment does not alter the color or texture of the surface, nor significantly affect the vapor transmission qualities of the substrate. The solution penetrates the substrate and chemically reacts to create a powerful barrier against water penetration. This barrier is resistant to ultraviolet and water deterioration.

COLORS: Clear. Prime-A-Pell H2O is milky-white when applied but dries clear, leaving the aesthetic appearance of the substrate unchanged.

PERFORMANCE CRITERIA: Contact your Tnemec representative for specific test results.

LIMITATIONS: Prime-A-Pell H2O is not formulated for use on horizontal or below-grade surfaces. It is not intended to seal visible cracks or as a substitute for repointing defective mortar joints. A water repellent may not be able to completely resist winddriven rain on all substrates; two or more applications, applied wet-on-wet, may be required for adequate performance. The substrate should not be acid washed after application. Prime-A-Pell H2O may have limited efficacy on calcareous masonry such as limestones, marbles and travertines. The product is not appropriate for application to polished stone. 


Coating System

TOPCOATS: If color is desired, apply Series 617 Conformal Stain WB within 12 to 36 hours after application of Series 633. Application of Series 617 outside of this time frame may compromise water-repellency and/or adhesion properties.


Curing Time 

Protect treated surfaces from rain and lawn sprinklers for 6 to 8 hours. (Time to resist moisture is increased at lower temperatures.) Allow 7 to 14 days before evaluating performance.


Surface Preparation

ALL SURFACES: The surface to be treated must be sound, dry and free of cracks, dirt, oils, efflorescence, paint, curing compounds and all other contaminants, which may affect the penetration of Prime-A-Pell H2O. Fill all cracks, voids and repoint mortar joints if necessary. New concrete and mortar must be allowed to cure a minimum of twenty-eight (28) days before treatment. Protect plants, shrubs and glass from overspray. Should incidental contact occur with surfaces not intended for treatment, remove overspray immediately with mild soap and water. Do not allow soap solution to contact the surface being treated.


Colatile Organic Compounds

EPA Method 24: 0.16 lbs/gallon (19 grams/litre)

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