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StuccoBase Premix

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Product Data Sheet


For use with the BASF Stucco Wall Systems. Acceptable substrates include: PermaBase® Cement Board and other cement-boards conforming with ASTM C1325 (Type A-exterior); poured concrete/unit masonry; ASTM C1177 type sheathings including e2XPTM sheathing; GlasRoc® sheathing; SecurockTM glass-mat sheathing; DensGlassTM exterior sheathing; GreenGlass sheathing and Weather Defense Platinum sheathing; gypsum sheathing (ASTM C79/ C1396), expanded polystyrene insulation board complying with ASTM C578 Type IV with nominal 1.5 lbs/ft3 density, Exposure I or exterior plywood (Grade C/D or better), or Exposure I OSB, to which an air/waterresistive membrane and lath are attached.