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Sto VaporSeal Product Data Sheet

StoGuard® VaporSeal™ is a ready-mixed, flexible waterproof air and vapor barrier membrane. It is used on vertical above grade walls behind various claddings including, stucco over metal lath/building paper, brick, metal panels, cement board, and others.


Spray applied at 46 wet mils (Dries to 25 mils) per 5 gallon (19 L) pail. Glass Mat Gypsum, Plywood and OSB Sheathing: 130-145 ft² (12.0- 13.3 m²). CMU: 115-130 ft² (10.6-12.0 m²). Spray applied at 74 wet mils (dries to 40 mils), per 5 gallon (19 L) pail: Glass Mat Gypsum, Plywood and OSB Sheathing : 80-95 ft² (7.4-8.7 m²). CMU: 70-80 ft² (6.4-8.3 m²).

Coverage will vary depending on ambient and substrate conditions, application technique, waste factor, and final film thickness.

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