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STI SSW Wrap Strips are highly flexible, elastomeric strips designed to firestop combustible penetrations in fire-rated floors, floor/ceilings, and walls.

SpecSeal SSW Wrap Strips are available in a variety of sizes and types to tackle any combustible penetration. SSW Wrap Strips are available in 12 ft. rolls as well as individually pre-sized strips to minimize waste and speed up installation. When installed in conjunction with restraining steel, SSW Wrap Strips are able to collapse non-metallic piping of up to 12 in. diam.

  • RED/RED2 for Plastic piping up to 6 in. Trade Size
  • BLU/BLU2 for Plastic piping up to 12 in. Trade Size
  • Tested in a variety of construction types
  • Partners with other SpecSeal® Firestop Products

Convenient 12’ (3.7 m) rolls, or individually sized strips facilitate installation and minimize waste. Four grades are available to suit the product to the application.

These products utilize STI’s fast responding intumescent technology, providing very responsive and highly directionalized expansion. Rapid expansion provides quick closure for burning combustible penetrants.

When exposed to temperatures in excess of 250° F (121° C), the STI SSW Wrap Strip begins to expand (intumesce) rapidly to form a dense, highly insulative char. Free expansion varies according to the grade utilized (See Table A). Expansion continues up to temperatures of 1,000°F (538° C).

Features & Benefits

  • Easy Installation – soft and flexible, less strip and less fasteners needed.
  • Rapid Expansion – closes off burning penetrants faster.
  • High Volume Char – significant expansion seals off opening!
  • Water-Resistant – no soluble or hygroscopic ingredients.
  • Economical – 12’ roll means no piecing…less waste!
  • Highly Flexible – no foil…soft…supple…easier to install!
  • Versatile Performer – for a wide range of complex applications.


  • Firestopping combustible penetrants such as nonmetallic pipes or pipe insulation.
  • All common forms of construction – concrete floors, concrete over steel deck, concrete walls, concrete block walls, gypsum board/stud walls, and wood floor/ceiling assemblies.
  • Can be used with restraining collars or as a tuck-in. 
STI SSW Wrap Strip Installation Video



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