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STI SpecSeal Series SSP Putty is a non-hardening, intumescent compound designed to seal throughpenetrations as well as certain membrane penetrations against the spread of fire, smoke and toxic gasses.


STI SpecSeal Putty expands up to eight times its original size when exposed to high temperatures or flames.

Requiring no tools, SpecSeal Series SSP Putty is soft and pliable making it easy to install by hand packing into openings. Its aggressive adhesion makes it suitable for use with all common construction materials as well as cable jacketing and pipes. SpecSeal® Putty remains soft and easy to reuse or retrofit


  • Non-Hardening = Easy retrofit!
  • Two Stage Intumescence features aggressive expansion.
  • Endothermic Fillers absorb heat & release water.
  • Highly Adhesive formula Stays put. Allows movement.
  • Soft & Pliable for easy installation.
  • No Water-Soluble Expansion Ingredients means better water resistance!
  • Sound Deadening! Excellent sound attenuation properties. Reduces noise transmission

SpecSeal Series SSP Putty is the basis for systems that meet the exacting criteria of ASTM E814 (UL1479). Systems have been tested for all common forms of construction and most common penetrants with ratings up to 3 hours. Sound attenuation properties have also been tested as per (ASTM E 90-04/ASTM C919).

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