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STI SpecSeal Series RTC Range-Taking Firestop Collars are factory-manufactured devices designed to seal plastic pipes penetrating through fire resistance rated walls and floors.


SpecSeal RTC Firestop Collars adapt to the size combustible pipe that you are working with. One collar is designed to address standard 3 in. & 4 in. plastic pipes as well as their associated couplings. RTC Firestop Collars adaptable nature make them an excellent tool to have at hand when bringing combustible penetrations up to code.

  • One Collar fits 3 in. pipe, 3 in. pipe coupling, 4 in. pipe, & 4 in. pipe coupling
  • Fits into tight spaces
  • Low installed cost
  • Tested in a variety of construction types

SpecSeal® RTC Collars are comprised of a heavy gauge metal collar housing a molded intumescent insert. The adjustable collar is designed to allow a single collar to fit 3” and 4” trade size pipes (89 and 114 mm) and corresponding 3” and 4” couplings (102 and 127 mm). When exposed to temperatures in excess of 320°F (160°C), the SpecSeal® RTC Collar’s molded insert begins to expand (intumesce) rapidly to form a dense, highly insulative char. Free expansion ranges from 32 to 64 times original (pre-expanded) volume. Expansion continues up to 1,000°F (538°C).

SpecSeal® RTC Collars are used to protect a variety of plastic pipes and couplings including PVC, PVC Cellular Core (ccPVC), CPVC, ABS, and ABS Cellular Core (ccABS) in both vented (DWV) and closed (electrical conduit or water supply) installations. SpecSeal® RTC Collars are suitable for use in all common constructions including concrete floors, concrete over steel deck, concrete walls, concrete block walls, gypsum board/ stud walls, as well as wood floor/ceiling assemblies.

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