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100 wipes per tube

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You may instantly think of the citrus wipes (Scrubs) as a cleaner or degreaser for your hands, but this product is way more versatile. SWIPEX contains two ingredients that make it perform in ways the citrus-based wipes can’t.  First is lanolin, an oil that aids in soothing and protecting your skin (who couldn’t use that!).  The second ingredient is isopropyl alcohol, a solvent used for cleaning.  This combination allows SWIPEX to perform a variety of tasks: cleaning hands, tools, clothing and even errant material on substrates (but not porous surfaces, such as wood or natural stone).  It removes ink, paint, adhesives, sealants and oils, without being harsh or toxic.  It’s a workhorse at a fantastic price for 100 wipes! 

You can’t appreciate what this product can do unless you try it.

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Heavy-duty non-woven wipes impregnated with a liquid formula for removing paint and other associated soils such as inks, adhesives, sealants, oils and greases from hands, tools and general hard surfaces.
  • Cleans and removes uncured sealant rests
  • Cleans tools, surfaces, etc. from oil, ink, adhesives, grease, etc.
  • Removes oil, sealant – and adhesive stains, grease etc. from hands 
Remove a wipe from the container and wipe over the surface to remove soiling. Soils will be absorbed into the cloth. Allow surface to air dry. Re-seal packaging to retain moisture in remaining wipes. 
Test the compatibility of this product with all types of painted materials and powdercoatings on a nonvisible spot.
Soudal Swipex

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