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SikaQuick VOH is a fast setting, one component, cementitious vertical and overhead repair mortar with superior high build properties.


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SikaQuick VOH is a fast setting, one component, ready-to-use repair mortar for vertical and overhead applications using specialty cement blends.

Where to Use

  • Fast repairs to overhead and vertical concrete and mortar surfaces on grade, above and below grade.
  • As a repair material for building facades, parking structures, industrial plants, bridges, etc.
  • As a fast setting repair material for new construction defects.


  • Minimal time required between lifts.
  • Fast finishing time
  • Time/labor-saving material; application up to 3 inches on vertical surfaces in one layer
  • Easy to use; just add water
  • High bond strength ensures excellent adhesion
  • High early and ultimate strength n Increased freeze/thaw durability and resistance to deicing salts
  • Suitable for exterior and interior applications.
  • Not a vapor barrier
  • Overhead thickness up to 2"
  • Fiber reinforced and polymer modified
  • Contains corrosion inhibitor

Typical Data:

  • Approximately 20 minute application time.
  • 20-30 minute finishing time.
  • Compressive strength, psi (ASTM C-109) at 3 hours >2000; 7 days > 4500; 28 days 5500.
  • Minimum lift height 1/8".
  • Time between lifts, after final set. 

Over Painting/Coating:

  • Acrylic Waterbased Systems - 4 Hours
  • Epoxy/Polyurethane based systems - 6 Hours


  • .44 cu. ft.


  • 44 lb bag

SikaQuick VOH

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