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SikaGrout 428 FS is a non-shrink, cementitious precision grout powered by ViscoCrete technology. 


SikaGrout 428 FS Product Data Sheet


SikaGrout 428 FS is designed to achieve high early strength and exceptional ultimate strengths at a fluid consistency. It is nonmetallic and contains no chlorides. A structural, precision grout, SikaGrout 428 FS can be placed from plastic to fluid over a temperature range of 40°-90°F and meets ASTM-C 1107, Grade C.

Where to Use

  • For quick turnaround applications, when rate of strength gain is a significant consideration.
  • Grouting of foundations, windmills, compressors, etc.
  • Non-shrink grouting of machinery and equipment, base plates, sole plates, precast panels, beams, columns and curtain walls.
  • Applications where a non-shrink grout is needed for maximum effective bearing area.
  • To transfer optimum load.
  • For grouting rebar, bolts, dowels and pins, etc. 


  • Quick rate of strength gain.
  • Multiple fluidity with one material.
  • Outstanding performance in fluid state.
  • Excellent fluidity, sufficient time for placement.
  • Nonmetallic, will not stain or rust.
  • ASTM C-1107 (Grade C).
  • Shows positive expansion as per ASTM C-827.  


  • Approximately 0.50 cu. ft./bag 


  • 65 lb. bag

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