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One-component, gun-grade, window and door flashing, sealing and adhering compound. This multi-purpose material is based on a special moisture-cured polyurethane that offers an accelerated curing time.


Where to Use

  • Floor moldings and door sills
  • Wood or metal window and door frames
  • Seal exterior perimeter of window nailing flanges
  • CMU, poured in place or precast concrete
  • Sheathing joints
  • Gaskets at openings in walls or floors for ducts, piling, etc.
  • Sealing perimeter rough openings of wall penetrations 


  • Excellent weathering and water resistance
  • UV Stable
  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-Staining
  • Non-Shrinking
  • Can be used for multiple situations (static cracks less than ¾”, 90° details, sealing fasteners, buck embedment & flashing)
  • High durability
  • Excellent unprimed adhesion on all cement-based materials, brick, ceramics, glass, metals, wood, epoxy, polyester and acrylic resin
  • Can be used with direct applied stucco applications
  • Compatible with Sikasil WS295, Sikasil WS290, Sikaflex 1a, Sikaflex 15LM, SikaHyflex 150LM
  • Single source system warranty available when used in conjunction with Sikaflex, SikaHyflex or Sikasil weatherseal or perimeter sealants, Sikagard Air Barrier Systems, or Sika BMI Stucco Systems
  • Can be painted over with water, oil, and rubber-based paints. (Preliminary tests recommended)
  • Fast Cure system (can apply perimeter sealant in as quickly as 2 hours)
  • Allows for same day installation of windows and doors 

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