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Hazardous Material | 100 units per pallet

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Sikadur 35 Hi-Mod LV LPL is a high-modulus, low-viscosity, high-strength, extended pot life, epoxy adhesive.


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Sikadur 35 Hi-Mod LV LPL is a 2-component, 100% solids, moisture-tolerant, low-viscosity, high-strength, multi-purpose epoxy resin adhesive. It conforms to the current ASTM C-881, Types I, II, and IV, Grade-1, Class-C** and AASHTO M-235 specifications. **except for bond strength

Where to Use

  • Low pressure and high pressure injection of cracks in structural concrete, masonry, wood, etc.
  • Gravity-feed of cracks in horizontal concrete and masonry.
  • Epoxy resin binder for epoxy mortar patching and grouting.
  • Seal interior slabs and exterior above-grade slabs from water, chlorides and mild chemical attack; also improves wearability.
  • Epoxy resin binder for epoxy mortar repair for structural pile members.


  • Extended pot life.
  • Low viscosity and excellent penetrating ability.
  • Slow reaction rate and low exotherm.
  • Convenient, easy mix ratio; A:B = 2:1 by volume.
  • Unique, high-strength, structural adhesive for “can’t dry” surfaces.
  • Deep, penetrating and tenacious bonding of cracks in structural concrete.
  • Excellent chemical resistance.


1 gal. yields 231 cu. in. of adhesive and grout. 1 gal. of adhesive, when mixed with 5 gal. by loose volume of oven-dried aggregate, yields approximately 808.5 cu. in. of epoxy mortar. Typical coverage is 150-175 ft.2 / gal. (3.7-4.3 m2 /L) for surface sealing. Coverage varies with porosity and surface profile of substrate. Higher porosity concrete will reduce coverage. Packaging 3 gal. units. 165 gal. units.

Sikadur 35 Hi-Mod LPL

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