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Sika has Made Waterproofing a Window and Door Opening as Easy as 1-2-3!

Waterproof the window and door opening

Sika provides two options for waterproofing the complete window and door opening based on your project needs.

  • Single component, available in 20 oz. sausages.
  • UV Stable
  • Use one product for all detailing (90s, cracks, embed wood buck, embed fasteners, etc...)
  • Can caulk to it with Sika technologies in as quickly as two hours after application
  • Sand to rejection for stucco application
  • Fast Cure single component product

  • UV Stable
  • Stucco can be installed directly over material
  • Flexible, excellent for CMU construction
  • Economic
2 - Flash the buck.
Sikaflex 102 Everflash is used embed the wood buck, coat over the buck and to caulk all 90s from the buck to the window opening.  This allows the window to be installed as quickly as 45 minutes after application.

3 - Caulk the Window Perimeter.

When using the Sikaflex 102 Everflash as the window & door flashing, you can then use any of Sika's high performance technologies to caulk the window perimeter as quickly as two hours after initial application of the Sikaflex 102 Everflash.


  • Sikaflex 1A or 1A+ - High performance single component polyurethane sealants able to move +/- 35.  Sikaflex 1A+ has the added benefits of adhering to green or damp concrete as well as having no solvents in the product.
  • Sikaflex 15LM - The only proven +100/-50 single component polyurethane in the marketplace.  Allows for dynamic movement when needed.

  • Sika Hyflex 150LM - Hybrid sealant with +/- 50 movement capability.  UV stable, so the white stays white!  This technology also allows the sealant to be painted over as quickly as it skins over.