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600ml unit (300ml x 300ml | Comes with Mixer 1036   

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Roadware MatchCrete Clear is a two component aliphatic polyurethane for repairing cracks, spalls, and joints in concrete subject to UV exposure

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This material is clear in appearance when applied and cured. Colored sand and pigments may be added to create color stable repairs that match most any decorative style or shade of concrete surface. MCC will not significantly change color with exposure to sunlight over time. Use for repairing floor imperfections prior to concrete polishing or repairing damaged polished concrete.

Roadware MatchCrete Clear (MCC) is used to quickly repair cracks and spalls in concrete that is exposed to sunlight and a color compatible appearance over time is desired.


  • Sets in 20 – 40 minutes. Fully cures in a few hours.
  • Remains clear, reflects surrounding colors.
  • User may add colored sand, pigment, or concrete dust to match existing concrete.
  • May be honed smooth in about 30 - 60 minutes at 70°F.
  • May be needle tip injected.
  • Will accept heavy traffic.
  • Will not become brittle over time.


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