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River Rock Industries Standard Mechanical Metal Injection Packer with Zerk 

Don't let the inexpensive price fool you! This durable packer is designed for tough injection conditions. A simple effective design that has been field tested for years. These packers can be injected with pressures up to 4000psi. Includes the zerk head for solid connections to your existing injection equipment. This positions the check valve on the inlet side of the packer. 

The 1/2" Mechanical packer is the one you will use on the vast majority of projects that require this premium packer. Weak concrete or the need for very high injection pressures with determine the need for this unit.

Tips:  Hint #1: When injecting tight cracks, we have found high success rates by drilling straight into the crack to a depth of 2/3 the thickness of the wall (always measure and tape your drill bit for depth). High pressures can be maintained with virtually no spalding blow-outs (as opposed to angle drilling) and excellent grout penetration. Space the packers every 2.5 - 3 inches and a depth of 5 inches for an 8 inch thick residential wall. Use a low viscosity resin such as Leak-Proof FLEX-LV or Leak-Proof FLEX to assure 100% penetration. 

Technically speaking, the straight in drilling technique increases the surface area of possible grout penetration into the crack, within the wall. When angle drilling, you can expect grout penetration to occur at the point the drill hole intersects the crack. The exposed injectable surface area is just slightly more than the diameter of the drill bit used. Let's say a 3/8" drill bit produces a 1 3/16" (d=3.14 x r) of penetration point per drill hole. However, the straight in method will create a 10 3/8" penetration point in a 5" deep hole. This is almost a 900% increase in usable penetration point. When it is possible to use this method with the correct grout selection, you can lower pressures and achieve superior results in a shorter time.

Where possible, always flood test your work to ensure the crack is completely sealed. Callbacks will hurt your reputation and your wallet.

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