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10oz cartridge | 12 units per case

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Resiplast Spetec N450 - Multi-component high density, solvent-free polyurethane formulated with an extremely fast set time to stop high flowing volumes of water.

Resiplast Spetec N450 Product Data Sheet


  • Stop high flowing water leaks in concrete, rock and other strata.
  • Slab Stabilization
  • Void Filling
  • Rock Anchor grouting
  • Utility Pole Stabilization
  • Rock fissure injection
  • Filling Underground tanks


  • Superfast set time
  • Low weight material
  • Smaller injection hole
  • Smaller Equipment
  • High strength material
  • Good Chemical Resistance



Spetec N450 is a multi-component material that is injected using a plural component 1:1 ratio pump. Material is pumped through a static mixer system to maximize blending of the two components. The mixed material displaces water, foams to seal high volume leaks, and permeates into strata filling cavities with dense material. Spetec N450 can be injected under floor slabs using a button head packer system or directly injected into soil to fill large voids around structures using a twin tube system.

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