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Sustainable Waterproofing Protection and Drainage System

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Polyguard Lowflow Protection and Drainage System is a high-strength, multi-layer fabric composite in a 4' x 200' roll. Its purpose is to protect underlying waterproofing membranes and provide a low cost drainage mat which is suitable for most clay soil conditions.


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Basic Uses
With its thick, two-component, fabric mat structure, Lowflow can wick away water from foundation walls. With a 100x design safety factor applied to ASTM D4716 flow test results, Lowflow’s drainage rate equates to an ability to remove approximately 50 gallons of water per hour from each 100 foot length of foundation.

Lowflow’s drainage rate is limited compared to conventional “waffle board” drainage mat, such as Polyflow 15P. The waffle board drainage mat, with a flow rate of 15 gal/min/ft. is theoretically capable of draining over 90,000 gallons of water from a 100 foot length of foundation in an hour.

Since large numbers of construction sites have low transmissivity clay soils, water travel is minimal. Lowflow’s modest drainage rate is well in excess of requirements for most clay construction sites even if a design safety factor of 100 is used.

Lowflow is preferable on any project to the use of no drainage at all. If project budget constraints force the elimination of higher cost conventional drainage mat from project specifications, use of Lowflow is recommended. Higher grade waterproofing membranes, such as 650 Waterproofing Membrane, are designed to withstand a temporary standing head of groundwater. The membrane can serve the purpose of holding back the groundwater during the period that the Lowflow drainage mat is catching up with the drainage. Additionally, hydrostatic head pressure should be reduced, as well as the period that the foundation is exposed to a head of groundwater. 

The lowest cost protection and drainage system available. You can generally count on a 50% (or greater) cost reduction compared to “waffle board” systems. The first sustainable protection and drainage system, made from 100% post-industrial recycled synthetic fibers.


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