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The #1 rated asphalt, pothole, and utility cut repair option

60lb unit - 50 units per pallet

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Perma-Patch Product Data Sheet


Perma-Patch is a FAST and EASY permanent repair solution. Use Perma-Patch for filling potholes, repairing driveways, road maintenance, street repair, and patching asphalt.

Perma-Patch is the inexpensive and permanent solution for the repair of potholes and asphalt paving. Perma-Patch will outlast hot asphalt and very little labor is required. Do the job one time! See how easy it is:

  • No mixing or preparation!
  • Pour right from the bag into the hole!
  • Compact with tamper, small plate compactor, or just drive over!
  • Use the same mix year round!
  • Bags have a shelf life of 2 years! 

Perma-Patch can be used anytime, any place:

  • Winter cold and snow
  • Summer heat and rain
  • On blacktop and concrete paving 

Perma-Patch®, an all season, all weather, permanent asphalt patching material used throughout the United States and many foreign countries with extraordinary success. Easy to use, no mixing, no special pothole preparation, displaces water and accepts immediate traffic.

Most durable for permanent repairs, Perma-Patch bonds permanently to asphalt, concrete, steel, wood and other hard surfaces.

Available in easy to handle bags and pails. Bags have a minimum shelf life of two years.

Excerpts from Strategic Highway Research Program SHRP-H-348 of the National Research Council

In project H-105, "Innovative Materials and Equipment for Pavement Surface Repair," the researchers conducted a massive literature review and a nationwide survey of highway agencies to identify potentially cost-effective repair and treatment options. The information and findings from this study were then used in the subsequent field experiments conducted under project H-106, "Innovative Materials Development and Testing."

In the H-106 project, the installation and evaluation of many different test sections were conducted to determine the cost-effectiveness of maintenance materials and procedures. Test sections were installed at 22 sites throughout the United States and Canada between March, 1991 and February, 1992, under the supervision of SHRP representatives. The researchers collected installation and productivity information at each site and periodically evaluated the experimental repairs and treatments for 18 months following installation.

As asphalt pavements age and deteriorate, the need for corrective measures to restore safety and rideability increases. Funding for rehabilitation and overlay of these pavements is not likely to keep up with the demand, requiring more agencies to use the most cost-effective methods when patching distressed areas. The patches will also be expected to survive longer and carry more traffic loadings.

The cost most commonly associated with pothole patching is the cost of purchasing material. This is usually one of the least significant contributors to the overall cost of a patching operation. However, the material used for patching does impact the cost of the overall operation when there are differences in performance. More expensive materials that are placed with less effort and last longer can reduce the cost of the initial patching effort, as well as the amount of repatching needed. This reduces the labor and equipment costs for the overall operation.

SHRP shows Perma-Patch with Lowest Failure Rate

Failure Rate of Commonly Used Pothole Patch Material
These graphs shows the percentage of failure of the materials chosen from the study by the Federal SHRP Project, 18 months and 4.65 yrs, respectively after installation. They show Perma-Patch® to have the superior durability of all of the innovative materials tested. Slightly ahead of Perma-Patch® is the technique of spray injection using very expensive specialized equipment which is often unavailable due to mechanical difficulties and requires skilled operators. The graphs are taken from "Innovative Materials Development and Testing, Volume 2: Pothole Repair", in the SHRP-H-353 report of the Strategic Highway Research Program as reported by the National Research Council, Washington, D.C., 1993.


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