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Only required when MasterSeal 658 is subjected to freeze-thaw environmental conditions.

1.Apply MasterSeal 658 Primer at the rate of 250– 300 ft2 /gallon (6.1–7.4 m2 /L). Apply MasterSeal 658 over the primer within 30 minutes while the surface still has a slight tack to it. In shady conditions apply MasterSeal 658 within 4 hours.

2.To improve the subsequent application of MasterSeal 658 acrylic coating, use approximately 1–2 lbs/gallon (0.12–0.24 kg/L) of fine-grain, dry silica sand directly with MasterSeal 658 Primer; lightly broadcast the sand onto the material while it is still wet. This will prevent the roller or squeegee from slipping when MasterSeal 658 is applied.

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