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Waterborne, high-build, modified acrylic waterproof coating

Formerly: Super Colorcoat VOC

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Product Data Sheet

A waterborne modified acrylic waterproof coating which can be used on a variety of substrates over a wide temperature range. Primerless adhesion and adhesion to "green" concrete expedite project completion, saving you time and money. Product is available in both smooth and fine sand texture for varied finish appearances.


How does MasterProtect HB 300SB work? 

MasterProtect HB 300SB is a waterborne, high-build, modified acrylic waterproof coating for above-grade concrete, stucco, block and brick surfaces. 

Recommended uses: 

  • Exterior
  • Vertical
  • Above grade
  • Protecting and waterproofing 

What are the unique features of MasterProtect HB 300SB? 

  • Suitable for cool weather applications
  • Adheres to properly prepared smooth and chalky surfaces
  • Resists wind-driven rain; helps prevent water penetration into the substrate
  • Breathable to allow water vapor to escape 

What are the benefits of MasterProtect HB 300SB? 

  • Green concrete application expedites project completion
  • Primerless adhesion saves time and money
  • Available in smooth and fine sand texture for varied appearances

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