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MasterInject 1500 Product Data Sheet


How does MasterInject 1500 work?

MasterInject 1500 is a two-component moisture-insensitive 100% solids low-viscosity epoxy adhesive. It penetrates cracks and voids, bonding hardened concrete to hardened concrete. It can be mixed with aggregate to make high-strength, high-modulus epoxy concrete and mortars.

Recommended uses:

  • Horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Interior or exterior
  • As a high-strength binder for grouts and mortars
  • Repairing of concrete slab or walls
  • Injection of cracks
  • Repairing of beams, columns, and foundations
  • Anchoring bolts, dowels, and reinforcing bars
  • Consolidating rock pockets or honeycombs

What are the unique features of MasterInject 1500?

  • Low viscosity, can be injected into cracks from 0.002–0.25" (0.05–6 mm)
  • Moisture insensitive, bonds to damp or dry concrete

What are the benefits of MasterInject 1500?

  • Rapid strength gain, quickly returns repaired areas to service
  • Creep resistant, maintains structural integrity under load

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