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Deep-pour multiple-use epoxy grout

Formerly: Masterflow 678 DP Plus



How does MasterFlow 678 work?

MasterFlow 678 is a low-exotherm, three-component epoxy grout used for deep sections of epoxy grout, with low-heat generation.

Product Data Sheet

Recommended uses:

  • Deep-pour baseplate grouting
  • Grouting of pump bases
  • Setting of baseplate application
  • Grouting of compressors and drive motors
  • Grouting of anchors, bars and dowels
  • Rebuilding deteriorated curbs, bases and columns
  • Repair of spalled concrete

What are the unique features of MasterFlow 678?

  • Low-exotherm resulting in minimal heat generation
  • Positive expansion to help fill minor gaps and voids in forming
  • Superior adhesion for positive bonding characteristics to concrete and steel

What are the benefits of MasterFlow 678?

  • Long working time helping to facilitate proper placement
  • Excellent creep resistance, even at high temperatures increasing product performance over a wider temperature range
  • Can be placed in lifts of up to 18” thick without reinforcement making it ideal for deep pours

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