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Solvent-based 25%- solids curing and sealing compound

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Lambert UV Super Seal is a styrene and acrylic resin based product formulated into a high quality concrete sealer, dustproofer and curing compound.

Product Data Sheet

It has excellent adhesion to cementitious surfaces both exterior as well as interior and when cured forms a tough impervious film. UV Super Seal is a thin liquid designed to penetrate into the pores of the concrete filling them with styrene and acrylic resin that gives the concrete surface the maximum protection from wear and penetration of salts, dirt, or other contaminants.

UV Super Seal may also be used as a curing compound when applied to fresh concrete. The film forming qualities of this product minimize moisture vapor transmission resulting in excellent water retention in fresh concrete for better curing and hardening.

When used on new concrete it acts as a curing compound for proper cement hydration (one coat only). When used on old concrete it seals and dustproofs the surface (two coats are recommended for most surfaces).

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