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4' x 50' Roll

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J-Drain 200 consists of a light duty impermeable polymeric sheets cuspated under heat and pressure to form a high flow dimpled drainage core.


J-Drain 200 Product Data Sheet


Performs a multi-faceted role by providing protection for waterproofing systems and managing subsurface water around building foundations. Soil back fill is retained by a filter fabric while allowing water to pass into the drainage core providing hydrostatic relief. Collected water is then conveyed to a proper collection system. 

The core is then bonded to a layer of non-woven filter fabrice. The filter fabric retains soil or sand particles as well as freshly placed concrete or grout, allowing filtered water to pass into the drainage core. Limited to 20 feet of backfill.  


  • Basement Foundations
  • Retaining Walls
  • Plantes
  • Bridge Abutments

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