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3' 10" x 102' Roll

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GCP Applied Technologies (Formerly Grace) Preprufe 300R Plus - Pre-applied waterproofing membranes that bond integrally to poured concrete for use below slabs or behind basement walls on confined sites


GCP Applied Technologies Preprufe Plus Product Data Sheet

The Benefits of Preprufe Plus



Preprufe® 300R Plus & 160R Plus membranes are unique composite sheets comprised of a thick HDPE film, pressure sensitive adhesive and weather resistant protective coating. Designed with Advanced Bond Technology™ and a dual adhesive ZipLap™, Preprufe Plus membranes form a unique, integral bond to poured concrete, preventing both the ingress and lateral migration of water while providing a robust barrier to water, moisture and gas.

Release liner free and designed for efficient, reliable installation, the Preprufe Plus ZipLap allows for an adhesive to adhesive bond at seam overlaps and delivers superior performance in harsh conditions without the need for specialized equipment, heat or power.

The Preprufe R Plus System includes:

• Preprufe® 300R Plus—heavy-duty grade for use below slabs and on rafts (i.e. mud slabs). Designed to accept the placing of heavy reinforcement using conventional concrete spacers.

• Preprufe® 160R Plus—thinner grade for blindside, zero property line applications against soil retention systems. Vertical use only.

Preprufe® Tape LT—for covering cut edges, roll ends, penetrations and detailing (temperatures between 25°F (-4°C) and 86°F (+30°C)).

Preprufe® Tape HC—for covering cut edges, roll ends, penetrations and detailing (minimum 50°F (10°C)).

• Preprufe® CJ Tape LT— for construction joints, and detailing (termperatures between 25°F (-4°C) and 86°F (+30°C)).

• Preprufe® CJ Tape HC— for construction joints, and detailing (minimum 50°F (10°C)).

Bituthene® Liquid Membrane—for sealing around penetrations, etc.

• Adcor™ ES—waterstop for joints in concrete walls and floors

• Preprufe® Tieback Covers—preformed cover for soil retention wall tieback heads

• Preprufe® Preformed Corners—preformed inside and outside corners

Preprufe® 300R Plus & 160R Plus membranes are applied either horizontally to smooth prepared concrete, carton forms or well rolled and compacted earth or crushed stone substrate; or vertically to permanent formwork or adjoining structures. Concrete is then cast directly against the adhesive side of the membranes. The specially developed Preprufe adhesive layers work together to form a continuous and integral seal to the structure. Preprufe can be turned up the inside face of slab formwork but is not recommended for conventional twin-sided formwork on walls, etc. Use Bituthene® self-adhesive membrane or Procor® fluid-applied membrane to walls after removal of formwork for a fully bonded system to all structural surfaces.


  • Forms a unique continuous adhesive bond to concrete poured against it—prevents water migration and makes it unaffected by ground settlement beneath slabs
  • Fully-adhered adhesive to adhesive watertight ZipLaps and easy to execute detailing
  • Provides a barrier to water, moisture and gas— physically isolates the structure from the surrounding ground
  • Easy roll/kick out installation—reduces installation time and cost
  • Release liner free—expedites installation and reduces construction site waste
  • Solar reflective—reduced temperature gain • Simple and quick to install—requiring no priming or fillets
  • Can be applied to permanent formwork—allows maximum use of confined sites
  • Self protecting—can be trafficked immediately after application and ready for immediate placing of reinforcement
  • Unaffected by wet conditions—cannot activate prematurely
  • Inherently waterproof, non-reactive system:  | not reliant on confining pressures or hydration | unaffected by freeze/thaw, wet/dry cycling
  • Chemical resistant—effective in most types of soils and waters, protects structure from salt or sulphate attack

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