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Self-Adhesive, Rubberized Asphalt/Polyethylene Through-Wall Flashing for Cavity Wall Applications

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From: $102.96


GCP Applied Technologies (Formerly Grace) Perm-A-Barrier wall membranes are ideal for protecting the building superstructure from the damaging effects of the elements.

By minimizing air and water vapor flow through the building exterior, Perm-A-Barrier wall membranes:

  • Prevent premature deterioration of the building envelope
  • Enhance thermal performance of the structure and save energy costs
  • Improve comfort for the building occupants


  • Fully bonded—continuous adhesion to the substrate resists wind loads and prevents water tracking behind the tape
  • Waterproof and impermeable to moisture— impermeable to the passage of liquid water and water vapor
  • Cross laminated film—provides dimensional stability, high tear strength, puncture and impact resistance
  • Cold applied—no flame hazard; self-adhesive overlaps ensure continuity
  • Flexible—accommodates minor settlement and shrinkage movement
  • Controlled thickness—factory made sheet ensures constant, non-variable site application
  • Aggressive, conformable adhesive—creates 100% watertight laps and allows self-sealing around mechanical fasteners
  • Unique green color and logo—highly differentiated on the job site from other flashing types and enables easy identification of damage
  • Ripcord® Split Release on Demand—faster application in the straight-aways, ease of membrane positioning in detailed areas
  • Foldless release paper—fewer edge catches, 180° pull-back, ease of membrane cutting (single cuts) and membrane positioning, quicker one-man installs

System Components

  • Perm-A-Barrier Wall Flashing—40 mil (1 mm) total thickness self-adhesive, cold applied tape consisting of 32 mils (0.8 mm) of rubberized asphalt integrally bonded to a 8 mil (0.2 mm) high density, cross laminated polyethylene film. The rolls are interwound with disposable silicone-coated release sheet
  • Perm-A-Barrier Primer Plus —water-based vapor permeable primer used to facilitate tenacious adhesion of Perm-A-Barrier selfadhered membranes to the substrate
  • Perm-A-Barrier WB Primer—high tack, water- based primer for use with Perm-ABarrier Wall Flashing on cementitious and exterior gypsum wallboards
  • Bituthene Primer B2 LVC—low VOC primer used to prime green concrete or damp surfaces
  • Grace S100 Sealant—one part neutral curing, ultra low modulus silicone sealant for sealing penetrations, terminations, brick ties and final terminations.
  • Bituthene Mastic Trowel Grade—rubberized asphalt mastic for sealing around penetrations, terminations, brick ties, etc.
  • Bituthene Liquid Membrane—two component, trowel grade, asphalt modified urethane for sealing patches, terminations, brick ties, etc

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