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GCP Applied Technologies (Formerly Grace) Perm-a-Barrier VPO is a fluid applied vapor permeable air barrier membrane designed for indirect and intermittent UV exposure


Product Data Sheet


Perm-A-Barrier VPO is a fluid applied, one component, acrylic membrane that provides continuous air tightness and water protection throughout the wall assembly. Perm-A-Barrier VPO is dark-colored and designed for exposure to indirect and intermittent sunlight, such as behind open joint rain screen systems. Perm-A-Barrier VPO is for wall assemblies requiring “breathable” characteristics. As a vapor permeable membrane, Perm-A-Barrier VPO permits the transfusion of water vapor that may otherwise condense in the wall structure; but is impermeable to liquid water, which allows the material to act as a water drainage plain.

The Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) content of Perm-A-Barrier VPO is less than 20 g/L. 


  • Dark-colored—provides design flexibility
  • Indirect and intermittent UV exposure— can be used with open joint rain screen systems
  • Air tight—protects against air passage and associated energy losses. Meets new ASTM E2357 standard
  • Vapor permeable—prevents moisture from being trapped in the wall cavity by allowing walls the ability to dry
  • Single component—fast and easy application with simple spray equipment
  • Fully bonded—transmits wind loads directly to the substrate
  • Seamless—continuous membrane integrity with no laps 
  • Damp surface tolerant—can be applied to damp-to-touch surfaces 
  • Weather resistant—can be exposed to rain, wind and direct sunlight up to a maximum of 6 months 
  • Strong adhesion to common construction substrates such as wood, block, concrete, OSB, gypsum sheathing and metal 
  • Compatible with Grace Perm-A-Barrier Flashing Systems  

Principal Applications

Vapor permeable air barrier for new and remedial commercial and residential applications requiring indirect and intermittent UV exposure such as behind open joint rain screen systems. 

System Components

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