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GCP Applied Technologies (Formerly Grace) Perm-A-Barrier VPL is a fluid applied, one component, acrylic membrane that cures to form a resilient, monolithic, fully bonded elastomeric sheet when applied to construction surfaces.


Perm-a-Barrier VPL Product Data Sheet


Perm-A-Barrier VPL membrane provides superior protection against the damaging effects of air and liquid water ingress on building structures. The product creates a solid barrier against air infiltration and exfiltration, which minimizes associated energy loss and condensation problems.

Perm-A-Barrier VPL membrane is vapor permeable for wall assemblies requiring this “breathable” characteristic. As a vapor permeable membrane, it permits the transfusion of water vapor that may otherwise condense in the wall structure; but is impermeable to liquid water, which allows the material to act as a water drainage plain. The Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) content of PermA-Barrier® VPL membrane is less than 30 g/L. 


  • Fire resistant—meets NFPA 285 as part of various wall assemblies with foam plastic insulation
  • Plasticizer, Phthalate and Halogen-free—safe and environmentally-friendly
  • Air tight—protects against air passage and associated energy losses. Meets new ASTM E2357 standard
  • Vapor permeable—prevents moisture from being trapped in the wall cavity by allowing walls the ability to dry
  • Single component—fast and easy application with simple spray equipment
  • Fully bonded—transmits wind loads directly to the substrate
  • Seamless—continuous membrane integrity with no laps
  • Damp surface tolerant—can be applied to damp-totouch surfaces
  • Strong adhesion to common construction substrates such as wood, block, concrete, OSB, gypsum sheathing and metal
  • Compatible with Grace Perm-A-Barrier Flashing Systems Principal Applications Vapor permeable air barrier for new and remedial commercial and residential applications:
  • Concrete block walls with brick veneer or pre-formed cladding panels
  • Steel or wood stud walls with exterior gypsum sheathing, brick veneer or pre-formed panels, plywood and OSB 

System Components

  • Perm-A-Barrier VPL membrane—for vertical applications
  • Grace S100 Sealant—one part neutral curing, ultra low modulus silicone sealant for detailing and joint treatments.
  • Bituthene Liquid Membrane—for details and terminations • Perm-A-Barrier® Wall Flashing—heavy duty fully-adhered membrane for through-wall flashing detailing
  • Perm-A-Barrier Detail Membrane— flexible, fully-adhered membrane for detail flashing areas
  • Perm-A-Barrier Aluminum Flashing—flexible, aluminum faced, fully-adhered membrane for detail flashing areas

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