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4' x 115' Roll

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GCP Applied Technologies (Formerly Grace) Florprufe 120 is a integrally bonded vapor protection for slabs on grade 


Grace Florprufe 120 Product Data Sheet



Florprufe® 120 is a high performance vapor barrier with Grace’s Advanced Bond TechnologyTM that forms a unique seal to the underside of concrete floor slabs. Comprising a highly durable polyolefin sheet and a specially developed, non-tacky adhesive coating, Florprufe 120 seals to liquid concrete to provide integrally bonded vapor protection. Florprufe exceeds ASTM E1745 Class A rating.


  • Forms a powerful integral seal to the underside of concrete slabs
  • Protects valuable floor finishes such as wood, tiles, carpet and resilient flooring from damage by vapor transmission
  • Direct contact with the slab complies with the latest industry recommendations
  • Remains sealed to the slab even in cases of ground settlement
  • Ultra low vapor permeability
  • Durable, chemical resistant polyolefin sheet
  • Lightweight, easy to apply, kick out rolls
  • Simple lap forming with mechanical fixings or tape


Florprufe 120 is engineered for use below slabs on grade with moisture-impermeable or moisture sensitive floor finishes that require the highest level of vapor protection. Florprufe complies with the latest recommendations of ACI Committees 302 and 360, i.e. for slabs with vapor sensitive coverings, the location of the vapor barrier should always be in direct contact with the slab1. The membrane is loose laid onto the prepared subbase, forming overlaps that can be either mechanically secured or taped. The unique bond of Florprufe to concrete provides continuity of vapor protection at laps. Alternatively, if a taped system is preferred, self-adhered Preprufe® Tape can be used to overband the laps. Slab reinforcement and concrete can be placed immediately. Once the concrete is poured, an integral bond develops between the concrete and membrane

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