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Silcor® 900HA is a two component, hand-applied seamless liquid waterproofing that is typically foot-trafficable after 2 hours of application. Silcor® 900HA forms a fully-bonded waterproof membrane that is extremely durable with excellent wear and chemical resistance and has a high tolerance against mechanical damage.

Product Applications
New and remedial waterproofing for elevated decks including:

  • Parking and plaza decks
  • Podiums and terraces
  • Split slabs and wet rooms
  • Balconies
  • Green roofs
  • Planters
  • IRMA

Product Advantages

  • Fast cure – quick self-curing system for rapid installation and return to service
  • Fully bonded – water cannot track beneath the membrane
  • Non-flammable – 100% solids, solvent free
  • Low Odor – low VOC
  • Elastomeric – accommodates minor structural movements and bridges concrete shrinkage cracks
  • Durable – tough with excellent wear and damage resistance
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance
  • Seamless – continuous waterproofing integrity with easy detailing

System Components

  • Silcor® 900HA – seamless waterproofing membrane
  • Silcor® Primer EPF – two-component epoxy primer (for substrate application temperatures 40°F-80°F)
  • Silcor® Primer EPS – two-component epoxy primer (for substrate application temperatures 65°F - 105°F)
  • Dry Quartz Silica Sand
  • 16/30 mesh for broadcast into primer (optional)
  • 20/40 mesh for patching and repair
  • Bituthene® Liquid Membrane – two component elastomeric liquid applied detailing accessory
  • Preprufe® Tape – reinforced pressure sensitive tapes for detailing

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