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Emecole Metro Surface Ports, when adhered to the wall, serve as the entry of injection material (i.e. Emecole Metro Epoxies or Polyurethane Foams) into foundation cracks during the low-pressure crack injection process. Emecole Metro Surface Ports glue to the foundation wall via one of Emecole Metro Surface Seal and Port Adhesive line of materials.

The Emecole Metro Surface Port's opening is designed to link directly and lock into Emecole Metro Mixers commonly used in low-pressure crack injection.  This feature eliminates leakage at the injection point.

The Surface Port opening is compatible with our specially designed Hose Assembly.  The Emecole Metro Hose Assembly can be used to control flow remotely from the Emecole Metro "Jake" Gun.

The Surface Port can also be modified to exhibit the feature of a one-way check valve. A metal ball can be inserted through the base opening, allowing material to flow into the crack but preventing material from backing out through the port. This is especially useful when working on overhead cracks with epoxies or polyurethane foams on any concrete crack.

The base of the Surface Port features two slits which serve a dual purpose. The slits allow the Surface Seal material to better bond the port to the foundation surface by improving anchoring. The base can also be folded along the slits for ease of inserting ports in difficult to reach areas, such as corners. The Emecole Metro corner port is also available for this purpose, and can also be converted to drill ports for low-pressure injection.

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