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Concrete Crack Repair Hybrid Polyurethane

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Emecole 555 Concrete Crack Repair Hybrid Polyurethane is a permanent solution for cracked basement floors, driveways, patios, garage and warehouse floors. 


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Our specially formulated Emecole 555 concrete crack repair hybrid Polyurethane allows you to repair cracked and spalling concrete in a matter of minutes. Overlay or resurfacing can be done in just one day.  Emecole 555 Concrete Crack Repair Hybrid Polyurethane is a very thin liquid that penetrates deep into concrete cracks for a complete repair that cures in temperatures from 40 - 100 degrees.  Emecole 555 can be used with Filler Sand (pure, wash and dried silica sand - available separately by Emecole), which allows for the application to use less material, while also strengthening the overall repair. Once cured, Emecole 555 has a tensile strength over 4000psi, making cracked concrete a thing of the past.

Emecole 555 is also used as a bonding agent during the installation of Carbon Fiber Stitching Dogs.

Emecole 555 Concrete Crack Repair Hybrid Polyurethane is not UV stable and cures to a tan color.  Emecole 555 may not match the color of existing concrete. It can be mixed with sand or other aggregate to achieve a desired color.)

      • Permanently repair cracked, spalling concrete
      • Repairs are ready for regular traffic or resurfacing in about an hour
      • Packaged in 22oz. 1:1 ratio, dual tube sets

Additional Components Required for use of Emecole 555:

  • 3/16 x 48 Mixers (Nuts and cross-over restricters are included in the box)
  • Emecole Black Manual Dispensing Gun
  • Filler Sand (4 lbs.) - optional

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