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de neef AC-400 ACRYLATE GROUT 5gl

36 units per pallet

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De Neef AC-400 Chemical Grout is an acrylamide free acrylate monomer system sealant designed, for water control during tunneling operations, for curtain grouting, and for excavatable soil consolidation in situations where low tensile and compressive strengths can be tolerated. AC-400 can also be for controlling infiltration in mainline and lateral sewer joints.

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• Water control in tunneling
• Curtain grouting
• Soil support for excavation
• Mainline and lateral sewer grouting


• Acrylamide free
• Pumps without modification to existing grouting equipment
• Extremely low viscosity grout (1-3 cps) 
• Very low permeability (5x10-9 cm/sec) 
• Provided in liquid form (40% solids) 
• No dust toxicity hazard.
• Not flammable or explosive.


AC-400® is used with SP-200 (sodium persulfate) and TE-300 (triethanolamine). Available in 5 gallon drums (50 lbs) Sold as a kit of 3 x 5 gallon drums (150 lbs total) with 
1gallon (10 lbs ) TE-300 and 10 lbs SP-200.

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