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2GL Unit (1A + 1B) | Hazardous Material

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CIM 61TN Epoxy Primer is a two component high solids epoxy coating used as a primer for porous and non-porous surfaces such as concrete and metal. A rapid cure version, CIM 61 TN-RC, is also available and should be used when air and surface temperatures are below 50ºF and above 35ºF during application and cure. 


  • CIM 61TN and 61TN-RC Epoxy Primer can be used to prime a variety of surfaces.
  • May be used as a primer for freshly blasted metal to prevent flash rust from occurring, prior to coating with CIM.
  • May be used as a primer for properly prepared concrete to minimize the effects of outgassing.
  • Approved for contact with potable water in accordance with ANSI/NSF 61. 

Surface Preparation

GENERAL: Substrates must be clean and dry with no oils, grease or loose debris. Perform adhesion tests to confirm adequacy of surface preparation. See C.I.M. Industries’ specific substrate Instruction Guide for more information.

CONCRETE: ICRI-CSP 4-6 surface profile exposing aggregate. Concrete must exhibit minimum 3,000 psi compressive strength and be free of release agents and curing compounds. The substrate must be clean and dry (see CIM Instruction Guide IG-2), and free of contaminates.

STEEL: Minimum 3 mil profile. Immersion service – SSPC-SP10 / NACE No. 2 Near White Blast. Non-Immersion service – SSPC-SP6 / NACE No. 3 Commercial Blast.

OTHER METALS: SSPC-SP1 solvent clean and abrasive blast to roughen and degloss the surface.

WOOD: Substrate must be clean, dry and free of surface contamination. 


CIM 61TN and 61TN-RC Epoxy Resin are yellow. CIM 61TN and 61TN-RC Hardener are light brown. Mixed and Cured: tan. 

Mixing Ratio

1 Part Resin: 1 Part Hardener by Volume SOLIDS BY VOLUME 70% mixed (1123 dry mil x sq. ft./gal.) (ASTM D 2697-7 days) DENSITY CIM 61TN and 61TN-RC Resin approximately 13.69 Ibs./gal. CIM 61TN Hardener approximately 12.52 Ibs./gal. CIM 61TN-RC Hardener approximately 12.46 Ibs./gal. VOC (EPA 24) 240 g/l (2.0 lb./gal.)

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