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CIM 1000T

Two Component, Chemical and Corrosion Resistant Urethane Elastomer Coating

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From: $72.39


CIM 1000 Trowel Grade is a tough, liquid applied, two component, chemical and corrosion resistant urethane elastomer coating, chemically thickened to allow trowel applications with minimum sag. CIM 1000 Trowel Grade is designed for use with all CIM materials. CIM 1000 Trowel Grade can be used as a crack filler or for application to vertical surfces and corner flashings. CIM 1000 Trowel Grade offers the same advantages as CIM 1000 and is approved for contact with potable water in accordance with ANSI/NSF 61. CIM 1000 Trowel Grade may be applied at thicknesses up to 250 mils on vertical surfaces in one coat. 



  • Offers exceptional waterproofing performance in a formulation modified to allow a thicker vertical film build.:
  • Ideal for coating concrete
  • ANSI/NSF 61 certified for potable water contact up to 180 degrees fahrenheit. 
  • Forms a tough elastomeric coating able to bridge cracks and fill joints. 
  • Tested to ANSI 118.10-199 "Standard Specification for Load Bearing, Bonded, Waterproof Membrane for Thin-Set Ceramic Tile and Dimension Stone Installation."
  • Chemically thickened for application to vertical surfaces, cold joints, cant strips and cracks.
  • used for repairs or for forming flasings and seals around pipes and roof penetrations. 
  • Can be applied to complex tanks with multiple penetrations, sumps, and irregular shapes.
  • Adheres to and bridges between common construction materials such as concrete, steel, glass, wood, and most coatings. 
  • Environmentally sound, complying with the toughest VOC standards.
  • Can be repaired when damaged or when new penetrations are added. 
  • Excellent wear and abrasion service.
  • UV Stable.
  • Available in easy to use dual cartridges. 
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