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Cetco Waterstop-XP | Expanding Strip Waterstop

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Waterstop-XP is a synthetic hydrophilic polymer based strip waterstop that provides a positive seal in concrete construction joints by expanding upon contact with water. The engineered swell of Waterstop-XP forms the positive seal against the concrete surfaces within the concrete joint to stop water ingress in both continuous and intermittent hydrostatic conditions.

Waterstop-XP is specially engineered to provide better performance than conventional swellable waterstops in a wide range of environmental conditions such as low pH and high saline environments. The superior expansion and pliability of Waterstop-XP provides effective crack sealing and void filling capacity. Its unique formulation retains cohesive strength properties at both original and expanded volumes for superiorhydrostatic resistance.


• Horizontal and vertical concreteconstruction joints
• Casting new concrete against existing
• Around pipe and other mechanicalpenetrations
• Around structural penetrations through the slab or wall
• Hydrostatic or non-hydrostatic conditions

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