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Bonding Adhesive is a high-strength solvent-based contact adhesivethat allows quick bonding of cured  ashings and membranes to varioussubstrates. It is a synthetic rubber adhesive formulated speci cally forapplication with a ½" (13 mm) medium nap roller with enough versatility inthe tack time of the  lm to allow large areas to be coated and adhered atone time. Sure-Seal 90-8-30A Bonding Adhesive is designed for bondingEPDM and epichlorohydrin membranes to various substrates.

The surface, on or against which adhesive is to be applied, shall be clean,smooth, dry, free of  ns, sharp edges, loose and foreign materials, oil andgrease. Depressions greater than ¼" (6 mm) shall be feathered, usingepoxy, mortar or other approved patching material. All sharp projectionsshall be removed by sweeping, blowing or vacuum cleaning.

After thorough stirring (minimum 5 minutes), apply bonding adhesive tosubstrate and membrane using a 9" (230 mm) wide ½" (13 mm) mediumnap roller. Application shall be continuous and uniform avoiding globs orpuddles. Bonding Adhesive must be allowed to dry until it does not stringor stick to a dry  nger touch. Any coated area that is rained on should beallowed to dry and then recoated. Do not apply adhesive to splice areas.Note: Stir thoroughly until all settled pigments are dispersed and thecement is uniform in color. Minimum 5 minutes stirring is recommended.

Mate the membrane with the adhesive-coated substrate while avoidingwrinkles. Immediately brush down the bonded portion of the sheet witha soft-bristle push-broom or a clean dry roller applicator to achievemaximum contact. In some applications, swelling of the membrane mayoccur initially, but this will disappear after several days’ exposure. Do notrebroom membrane in an attempt to remove swelling.

Coverage Rate
60 square feet (5.6 sq m) per gallon ( nished surface). Porous surfacesand substrates may require more bonding adhesive than typical coveragerate. Coverage rates are average and may vary due to jobsite conditions.

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