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CCW-550 Primer is a single-component, solvent-based bituminous primer especially designed to promote adhesion of the CCW-500 Hot Applied Liquid Membrane by preparing the concrete surface. CCW-550 Primer is spray-ready without having to thin, or can be applied with a roller. Use on all concrete, gypsum, masonry, brick, plywood and metal surfaces to which the CCW-500 Hot-Applied membrane is to be applied.

Features and Benefits 

  • Can be sprayed or rolled
  • Available in 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums» Complies to ASTM D41

Coverage Rate

Coverage rate will vary. The following is a guide.

The concrete should show a deep stain as opposed to being fully colored black.

For smooth, hair broom nish, cover concrete 500 sq. ft. per gallon.

All uid-applied product application rates are based on theoretical coverage relative to the percentage of solids in the material. These are minimum application rates to achieve the required dry lm thickness for the system and do not account for substrate condition or porosity. A thicker application of the product may be necessary to achieve the required dry lm thickness for the system, relative to the substrate.

Do not thin CCW-550 Primer before application. CCW-550 is best applied with powered airless spray equipment. CCW-550 Primer can also be applied by roller. Use a screen in the pail to roll off excess primer. The product has a satisfactory cure when it does not transfer when touched. Apply only to areas to be waterproofed the same day. Reapply if area becomes dirty or wet.

Review Carlisle speci cations and details for complete application information.


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