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CCW-525 is a liquid-applied waterproofing membrane designed to waterproof above-and below-grade horizontal and vertical surfaces. The membrane has tenacious adhesion to concrete substrates preventing lateral water migration.

Product Data Sheet

CCW-525 is a liquid-applied, single-component, moisture-cured,elastomeric, coal-tar free, modied polyurethane that cures to form exible, monolithic, waterproof membrane on vertical or horizontal surfaces, above or below grade. The membrane has tenacious adhesionto concrete substrates preventing lateral water migration. The inherenttoughness and resilience of CCW-525 Membrane enables it to bridgestructural or shrinkage cracks which may develop in the substrate.

CCW-525 is available in two viscosities (H & V) for application to horizontal and vertical surfaces. Typical applications are betweenstructural slab and wearing course on parking garages, plaza decks,balconies, roof decks, terraces, mechanical equipment rooms, wet rooms,malls, kitchens and shower stalls. CCW-525 is ideally suited forwaterproong on below-grade foundation walls, tunnels, planters and other areas where a seamless, elastomeric waterproong is required.

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