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CAPITAL TAPE 9226 1/16" x 1/2 "x 108' RL BLACK

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Capital Tape 9226 Foam Tape – Rubber Adhesive


Closed cell , 1/16” polyethylene foam , black or white, coated both sides with a permanent, rubber-based adhesive. The adhesives are protected by a durable, polycoated densified kraft liner. This liner is specifically designed to provide tear resistance and easy removability.

PHYSICAL PROPERTIES: 180° Peel Adhesion 120 oz./in. of width (30 minutes dwell on stainless steel)

Loop Tack 9 lbs.

Polyken Tack 800 grams (100 g/cm, 1 second dwell, 0/1 cm/sec separation rate)

Shear Resistance 1 square inch – 300+ hours (90°F, 2 lbs. load) ¼ square inch – 1 hour

Application Range 40° F to 150°F

Service Temperature Range 0°F to 150°F

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