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Follow Plate reduces the mess of bulk loading caulk from pails.  Keeps gun barrel clean and prevents air from entering gun barrel during loading.

Steel plates sandwich a neoprene gasket that scrapes the inside of a 5-gallon pail clean to reduce waste and keep air and job site debris out of bulk caulk.

Threaded cap with gasket in center of pail holds gun solidly.  Fits all 2" diameter Albion threaded barrel bulk guns (DL-45, DL-59, etc. plus B-Line B12Bxx and B26Bxx series)For use with tapered or straight sided metal or plastic pails with maximum ID of 11-3/8" and minimum ID of 9 7/8"

Replacement Parts:

  • #31-13: 2" Leather Gasket for inside cap
  • #31-19: 2" Neoprene Rubber Gasket for inside cap (use with water-based products)
  • #486-H02: 11-3/8" Neoprene Gasket
  • #486-H06: 11-3/8" Viton Rubber Gasket (use with solvent based products)

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