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• Thrust: 900lbf

• Pressure: 120 psi

• Drive: Manual

• Capacity: 750 x 75 ml

• Line: B-Line

• Mix Ratio: 10:1

B-Line Multi-Component Dispensing Gun with smooth & powerful 26:1 drive ratio: Handles twin 750/75ml (10:1) cartridges (converts easily to 600/300ml (2:1)). Albion's legendary Double Gripping Plates and steel trigger means increased durability.

Thin or Thicker materials. Albion's adjustment screw technology means increased life of the gun - as the tool wears you can adjust the screw to eliminate wasted motion

Two-Component Acrylics and Epoxies packaged in Plaspak-style twin side-by-side cartridges. Accepts the ITW Ramset Red Head A7 28oz twin cartridge. Features full carriage containment units. By combining Albion state-of-the-art design and quality we offer tools that surpass the competition.

Albion Dispensing Solutions

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