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Acroflexsil Finish

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Acroflexsil Finish Product Data Sheet

ACROFLEXSIL FINISH is a pre-mixed elastomeric, silicone enhanced, decorative textured finish. It is formulated with a 100% acrylic polymer to provide long-term weather
resistance, durability, performance and maximum resistance to mildew growth.

ACROFLEXSIL FINISH is primarily intended for use as a coating over non-textured exterior wall surfaces such as cured stucco, concrete and unit masonry. ACROFLEXSIL
FINISH can also be used to provide an aesthetically pleasing surface color and texture for poured concrete, Acrowall-CBS, Acrowall-CP, conventional stucco, all Acrowall Surfacing Systems. Elastomeric finishes should not be applied indoors. UV-light is required for curing.

• Weather resistant
• Increased resistance to mold, mildew & airborne pollutants
• Increased vapor permeability
• Bridges hairline cracks
• Excellent flexibility
• Easy application
• Water clean up
• VOC compliant
• Good resistance to dirt pick-up

30.8 kg per 19-liter pail (68 lbs per 5-gallon pail)

Available in Acrocrete’s 48 standard colors and custom colors in a variety of textures to complement the design freedom of Acrocrete® wall systems or to impart the look of stucco on other exterior and interior walls.

Coverage rates may vary depending on the coating texture porosity of substrate and application techniques. Approximate coverages:
ACROFLEXSIL S05: coverage rate varies upon application
ACROFLEXSIL S10: 12.5 m2 (135 ft2) per pail
ACROFLEXSIL S15: 9.8 m2 (105 ft2) per pail
ACROFLEXSIL S20: 7.9 m2 (85 ft2) per pail
ACROFLEXSIL T15: 11.1 m2 (120 ft2) per pail
ACROFLEXSIL T20: 7.9 m2 (85 ft2) per pail