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Acrobase 60

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Acrobase 60 Product Data Sheet



ACROBASE 60 is a 100% acrylic based product that is field mixed with Type I or Type II Portland cement that can be used as an adhesive and base coat.


1. For use with the Acrocrete® AcrowallTM systems to adhere expanded polystyrene insulation board to the following approved substrates: ASTM C1177 type sheathings, including DensGlassTM exterior sheathing, e2 XPTM sheathing, GlasRoc® sheathing, SecurockTM glass-mat sheathing, Weather DefenseTM Platinum sheathing, GreenGlass® sheathing; PermaBaseTM cement-board by National Gypsum and other cement-boards (ASTM C1325 Type A Exterior); and poured concrete/unit masonry.

2. To adhere expanded polystyrene insulation board to expanded polystyrene insulation board.

3. For use on Acrocrete wall systems to embed Acrocrete reinforcing mesh to the specified substrate.

4. ACROBASE 60 can also be used as a skim coat to produce a smooth and level surface on masonry or concrete.


• Vapor permeable

• Easy application

• Water clean up

• VOC compliant

• Excellent weather resistance


27.2 kg per 19-liter pail (60 lbs per 5-gallon pail)


Approximate coverage rates are as follows:

1. Adhere EPS insulation board to substrate: 14.8 m2 (160 ft2 ) per pail via notched trowel method, 16.7 m2 (180 ft2 ) per pail via ribbon & dab method

2. Embed ACROMESH 4: 26 m2 (280 ft2 ) per pail | Embed INTERMEDIATE 12: 18.5 m2 (200 ft2 ) per pail | Embed HI-IMPACT 20 & ACROMESH 4: 14.8 m2 (160 ft2 ) per pail

3. Adhere EPS insulation board to substrate and embed ACROMESH 4: 11.1 m2 (120 ft2 ) per pail

4. As a SKIM COAT for stucco and masonry surfaces: coverage will vary depending on the irregularity of the surface