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A.W. Plug & Patch Hydraulic Cement


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PLUG & PATCH is a quick setting, hydraulic cement compound which instantly stops running water or seepage through concrete or masonry walls and floors. Packaged in dry powder form, PLUG & PATCH requires only the addition of clean water to make it ready to use. Plug & PATCH contains no metallics, will not shrink or oxidize, and seals out water for the life of the structure. PLUG & PATCH sets in 3-5 minutes. PLUG & PATCH HOT MIX sets in 60 to 90 seconds, depending upon the temperature of the mixing water and the surface onto which it is applied. Low temperatures will retard the set. High temperature will accelerate the set.


Mainly, but not limited to plugging leaks in manholes, faults causing leaking and seepage through concrete floors, walls and junctions, general masonry, around inserts such as sleeves, pipes, etc. suitable for any similar architectural or structural concrete application - pits, mines, tunnels, reservoirs, sewers, cisterns, canals, miscellaneous grouting & spot sealing, bolt hold downs,etc.


Applying COOK BRAND PLUG & PATCH is usually a two man job - one mixing small batches and the other placing the material quickly and holding it with pressure until
water seepage stops. Force the mixed PLUG & PATCH into the crack or hole using maximum pressure. When areas of high water pressure are encountered, hold the PLUG & PATCH in your hand until you can feel the heat generation (the use of gloves is recommended). Immediately push and force into the opening and hold firmly in place with palm, trowel or wood block until set. Then shave the surface flush with a trowel. Plug a long opening with successive small rolls of PLUG & PATCH.

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